Thank you to everyone who participated in our joint AMA with the Sentivate team. This was Whose and Prod’s first AMA ever, and first time publicly representing Value DeFi’s team and community.

For those who couldn’t make it, or missed some of the messages, I have provided them all below…

Multiple Farming Strategies, or Multi-strats, is Value DeFi’s most innovative Vault concept to date. Setting a higher standard, and spearheading a new wave of upgraded Vault contracts across all of DeFi.


Multi-strat’s sole purpose is to increase Vault profits, efficiency and user accessibility. This process is controlled by ValueVaultMaster, a…

After the success of our first Medium article, I immediately began exploring options to further develop on this platform. Thank you to everyone who liked, shared and provided feedback.

FAQ: Volume 1 is the genesis of a new community development program that will produce regular Medium articles dedicated to singular…

A mutually beneficial partnership to build TVL and Volume on BSC


Both Apeswap & Value DeFi are trying to capture as much liquidity and trading volume on BSC as possible, opening avenues for a potential partnership. Futhermore, Value DeFi and ApeSwap will combine their resources to bring more liquidity to their DEXs. …

Deployed by Value DeFi; Powered by RenVM.

Key Points:

  1. First native RenVM integration on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
  2. First Zcash stableswap pool: renZEC/ZEC-B.
  3. Third renBTC stableswap pool on Binance Smart Chain: renBTC/BTCB.
  4. First renZEC liquidity mining program

Link to Bridge:

Link to Original Article:


Value DeFi and Ren Protocol will combine their resources to bring BTC and…

Dev Team updates, transparency and goals.

vBSWAP Emissions Re-adjustment

For Value DeFi to progress further, we have been in contact with Venture Capitalists (VCs) for their assistance in bringing more attention to our project. Therefore, we have slightly increased vBSWAP emissions that go to the Reserve Fund for an additional 5% specifically for strategic partners. …

Value Prod

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